The Rock

Prelude: A marriage and partnership rest on four major corner stones. One stone is trust and love of the Lord. A second important stone the Love of oneís spouse. A third stone is the love of ones family. The fourth corner stone is honesty and integrity. This poem will attempt to describe the second stone. Many others have offered their descriptions and have done so beautifully. I can only hope this attempt will be adequate.

My Rock has a name, Barbara Jean

My Rock has always been there for me through good times and bad

When did I first begin to love this girl?

When we were young and lived in the same neighborhood

A shy young girl attracted my attention

For some reason she could make my blood sing

She could make me feel ten feet tall

She could make me feel like no other could.

And some times I did try some others

None could compare to my Barbara Jean

She even liked my singing and could dance with me

Through High school and College, We grew closer and our love grew stronger

How I could attract such a beautiful girl ? I seldom understood

How the Lord could send me such a wonderful woman? I still donít Know

Through good and bad my love has grown and to this day continues to grow.

Through raising three great children our love has continued to grow

I could never understand how anyone could run around when they are in love

How could one give hurt to one they care for so much?

As time passes, some of the fire of love begins to rage not quite so high

As with any raging fire, a bed of red hot coals is left burning hot for a long time

In the case of my love, it will be forever

Iím sure we will be together on the other side even though we may be temporally parted

Through 30 years, my wife has been like a rock and beacon in my life.

Her love has been constant and ever-present

When life has been turbulent, her love was like a rock to steady my life

When all appeared useless and death was near, Her love kept me going

Just thinking and remembering what I had to return to made life worth living in the middle of Hell

The gift of three fine children has made love blossom even more.

Even after 30+ years my love is growing still

The touch of her hand still brings a thrill to my body

To hear her say " I love you" makes my blood sing

To have a happy hug, makes me feel as if I could leap over tall buildings

To my eyes, my Wife is still a fresh, prize winning rose bud blooming in the spring

I pray each night, for 30+ more years to spend with my Rock and My Love

May the Lord bless us and Give us another 30+ years

As I have said in the past and do often


No matter how you try to describe it,

Love still comes down to those three words.

Your Husband, Spouse, and Lover.