Terror at Night

J. Lee

Once upon a Friday Night when we were weary

While we nodded sleepy and safe

A terrible distant thunderstorm began hurling thunderbolts all about

The air was shattered and torn with jagged lightening

Thunder was constant

Our ears were ringing

As we feared

A tornado was near and soon knocking on our door

Shaking our house

With a snip and a tick the fearce winds did howl and blow

The wind and rain blew so hard

We were afraid to close the door

We ran to the hall with fear in our hearts and wings on our feet

We did tremble and shake while embracing tightly

Helpless we felt as we feared for our house,

We feared for ourselves,

We feared for grandma next door

We listened to the rumble and the roar, the creak and groan

Parts of the roof did fly away

We listened to the shattering glass windows

We listened to the terrible tornado blast limbs through the wall

We listened to the trees crashing to the ground

The Tornado snapped trees like twigs in a breeze

We listened to the tornado as it did its best to destroy our home

We were so afraid

We did pray

The Lord was there and surly watched over our two homes

The tornado did pass and we were well

What seemed like an eternity was but a minute or two

We ran next door

Grandma was fine

In the storm and drenching rains we struggled to protect our homes

We hoped Mr. Tornado was done

The storm passed and morning came,

We were amazed

The destruction was war zone like

But we did survive with nary a scratch

We knew the Lord was with us as we surveyed the damage and realized no one was hurt

And our homes were still mostly intact

We worked like slaves to clean our yards

But with the help of family and friends in several days normalcy begin to return