She Can Fly


John G. Lee AKA Daddums

Based on a dream by J. Lee on 21 June 1996. Inspiration by Barbara, John, Jennifer, and Christie

When Christie was a baby

Home from the hospital in her bed

Dependent upon Mom and Dad

Dad said to Mom "Some day she will fly"

Soon Christie began to crawl

she ventured around the nest under the watchful eye of Mom and Dad

Dad said to Mom " She's just begun to learn to fly"

Later when she began to walk and venture around the nest and yard

Dad said to Mom " She'll fly some day"

Christie ventured out form the nest to start school

To learn how to fly through the world

Dad said to Mom "She's learning to fly"

Christie went to school, soaring high and migrating to ever higher heights

And flew even further from the nest trying her wings and flying high

Dad said to Mom " She can fly, yes she can"

While she venture from the nest, flying high

She met another while in the sky, her future mate, Chris

Now she soared higher than ever in the sky

Dad said to Mom "Look, she can fly, very high with one to guard while flying

With one to share the joys of the sky and the freedom of the wind

Surely time to leave the nest is neigh"

While Mom and Dad would surely like to keep the little bird in the nest

They could not stand to see her wither if they did, so

Dad said to Mom " Watch her fly away from the nest, Watch her soar gloriously through the sky

As she walked down the isle

Like a phoenix rising into the sky so high

She began to soar, and fly, YES SHE DID

With her mate Chris to keep her safe

She can fly away from the nest where even eagles dare to fly

She can fly away from the nest

To heights where we can only guess



With all our love, MOM and DAD