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"The Lost Way" is the first poem I wrote. I had help. Another poem follows on another page "He Was There" it should be read after the Lost Way. These two poems may help a troubled soul. They Reflect my Viet Nam Experience with religion. Click on the buttons to read "The Lost Way" or "He Was There"

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Here is a good morning prayer I wrote. I try to say something like this each and every day I rise. 

Here is another poem I wrote: It only captures some of the feeling and I am still working on it.
Another poem I wrote was about 3 minutes of stark terror. A tornado came through my back yard. This poem is about the experience.
If I Had Only Known was written for the children about Grandparents.

"She Can Fly" was written for my Youngest daughter (baby Bird) when she was married.

This last poem, "The Rock" was written for my wife as a romantic poem on our 30th wedding anniversary.
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