My Brother

By John Lee


When I was small and went to church

I was taught God Sent Jesus to die and save us

A man/God, whom I never really knew died to save my soul and make me free

Jesus lived almost 2000 years ago

Chronicles of his life have been handed down though a book called the Bible

But all this was so remote and so long ago

And then one day

As I said ''My Father which art in Heaven''

I felt a touch, a closer presence,

And I do believe the Spirit visited me - I saw Jesus in a whole new light

My Father, sent His Son to earth to die to save me to Eternal Life

All I need do is believe in Jesus as my Savior and Lord

I realized I could also know Jesus on a much more personal level

My Father - His Son - Jesus - JESUS MUST BE MY OLDER BROTHER

My big brother died to save me

Jesus a big brother gives a whole new perspective to a Christian's life

No longer was God's revelation impersonal

No longer was Jesus' death on the cross long ago happening to someone I did not even know

Faith, Salvation, and Jesus were now intensely personal

I am part of a larger family

Now being saved and helped on the Way was not by a stranger, but family

And especially by my Big Brother --Jesus

How great it feels to claim Jesus as my Brother

But what an Awesome responsibility

Maybe, just maybe I can begin to live up to my Big Brother's expectations

Can I ever fill those footsteps? I can try, perhaps I can in truth walk the Way

If I fail, and I know I will

I know my Brother will be there to give me a hand, mend a spirit, and put my feet back on the Way

What a world it would be if we were all brothers and sisters in truth with God the Father and Jesus our Brother

A Seeker of the Way