John G. Lee

As a child I entered the world alone with only a parents love

My parents taught me love and showed me the Way of love through Jesus Christ

As a young man I never felt alone because I knew Christ was with me

If I strayed, as young men may do, I knew Christ was with me to show me the Way back

I knew Christ was there to forgive and to help me to walk the Way as a man should

I nearly walked the Way as a Teacher of the Way

I was never alone

Then I met a wonderful woman, married her and we both walked the Way

Hand in Hand we walked the Way

In love with each other and with Christ,

All was right with the world

Then I went away to an Evil place

War was rampant, Sin and Death was the way

I walked this way and Lost my Way

I could not understand why Evil had the upper hand In the world

Why did lives slip through my hands no matter what I did?

Why were mothers left husbandless?

Why were children left fatherless?

Why were children maimed and scarred for life?

Why were the old left to die in misery?

Why did the good have to leave the world?

Where was my Lord and Savior?

I could not find Him

I could not understand why this horror was allowed in the world

Why did Evil have the upper hand when God was all powerful?

I was immersed in Evil but I Survived

I came home but I had lost the Way

I came home to love and family but not back to the Way

I looked around, and still I saw Evil running free through the world

Even though I had the love of family, I was alone

Even though I had : A Loving wife

Loving children

A good job

Money in the bank

Many earthly things

Even though I led a good life and did what was right and good

I walked alone

Even though I walked alone, I was not alone

I came to realize I had guides back to the Way in my own home

My family helped me back to the Way

My Wife who always supported me

My daughter who talks with angels

My daughter who teaches in the Church school and talks to her grandmother

My son who was there

I came to realize

I can not control the world or any Evil in the world

I can not control what other people do

I can control what I do, what I am, and how I act

I can never find the Way again, unless I seek

If I seek, the Way will be mine again

Perhaps, Just Perhaps I can be a small influence in the world for good

Just perhaps I can help to lead some others to the Way

Just perhaps, If there are enough small influences

The world will change

The Way will Rule

For My Family who helped me back to the Way

For My Lord, Jesus Christ and His Way that I now earnestly seek.