If I Had Only Known


John G. Lee

When I was small and new to the world, I came to know some very special People

Grandpa and Grandma who were like parents but nicer.

If I had only Known

I lost my Grandpa when I was very small but I still can remember a kind and gentle man.

He always had a special sparkle in his eye and a smile on his lips.

He always had an answer to a little boy’s questions.

He always had the time to listen to a little boy’s dreams.

He always had time to help a little boy with difficult tasks.

If I had only Known

As I grew, Grandma’s was always a special place to go.

Whenever I ran to her and gave her a hug and said Grandma, " I love you.."

I saw the special sparkle in her eye and the heard the softness in her voice.

If I had only Known

Grandma always understood things parents didn’t

She would always listen and give some usually good advice to help a young one through the day

She always had some adventure prepared for a little boy or some special treat

Meals were always a dream because they were just what I liked best in the world.

If I had only Known

Even as a teenager, Grandma always understood the troubled times.

She always had time to listen to a young man and was able to give him a special hug to help make things right with the world.

If I had only Known

But all to soon; I lost my Grandmother and there has been ever since an empty place in my heart

Many fine memories linger and these memories set a goal for me.

If I had only Known I became a man and had family of my own.

My parents became Grandparents

And do you know what?

When they came to see the kids, I saw the same sparkle in their eyes.

I heard the same softness in their voices when they spoke to their Grandkids.

I had seen and heard the same things in my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s eyes and voice.

I marveled that even though discipline was lax at Grandpas & Grandmas, my kids were always angels according to Mom and Dad

If I had only known

As I watched my children run to their grandparents with open arms

As I watched them sitting on my parents lap

As I watched them open some little treasure Grandma and Grandpa had brought to them

As I listened to them say " Can I go to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s" this week end

As I listened to my kids happily relate tales of adventures at Grandpa’s

As I watched the special bond of love grow based not on dependency but on respect and expectations

If I had only Known but maybe I had become to suspect

When my parents passed away and traveled to a better place

I saw the empty spot in my children’s heart and knew it was at least as large as mine even though it had been nurtured in a different manner.

I began to understand

Soon my own kids were grown and married

Soon I had Grandkids of my own

Soon I began see the bond of love grow between Grandpaw and Grandmaw and the Grandkids

Soon I saw the light in my Grandkids eyes as they ran to our arms

I know my eyes must sparkle and light up as did my parents and grandparents

Soon I felt my blood sing with joy when a grandkid said "I Love you Grandpaw.

Now I know the special bond of love that grows between a Grand parent and the Grandkids

I know where the sparkle comes from

I know where the special softness in the voice comes from

I know why grandkids have a special place in a grandparents heart

I no longer say "If I had only known" Because Now I Know.