A New Day

By John G. Lee

Second Draft 15 October 1999

This is a day the Lord has made

This is a new day, which will be like no other day yet lived

This is a brand new adventure today

First I thank You Lord for the day

A chance to live the Lords Way

I ask You Lord to Let me do this day Your way , not my way

I ask you Lord to let me bring some kindness to some others to day

I pray to the Spirit to let me know in my heart I have truly found the Way

I ask You Lord to send me your Spirit to day

To let me know I really am in the Way

And not merely a seeker of the Way

I count my blessings and thank You Lord

For my wife, children, grandchildren, this country, my freedom, my church and all my countless blessings every day

As I close today

I ask You Lord to guide me today and lead me in the Way

In all that I do and say


A seeker and hopeful finder of the way