Bonsai Trees



Below are  photographs of many of my Bonsai trees.  I am still  a novice, but have been growing and styling Bonsai trees for about 18 Years.

Learning the art of Bonsai is a slow but rewarding process.  I hope you enjoy viewing my trees which I consider to be ever-changing living art.  

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stitchedBenchArea.jpg (164656 bytes) 5338RightsideBenches.jpg (73649 bytes) 5343BenchesLeftSide.jpg (75460 bytes) 6823Bench-12Mar.jpg (760142 bytes) 6824Rootings-12Mar.jpg (467465 bytes)
Bonsai area in back 
yard as of March 06
bonsai benches 
Oct 08
bonsai benches 
Oct 08
Rootings-Mar 2014 More rootings Mar2014

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 Click on the Small Elm for more elms  Click on Azalea to see  azaleas Click on the above photo to see hornbeams Click on the above Juniper to see more junipers
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Click on above photo for more loropedlum Photos Huckleberry English Ivey Boxwoods


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